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  • Glyme Lane Project
  • Glyme Lane Project

The Glyme Lane Project

The Glyme Lane exhibition began with a group of artists local to Chipping Norton who were concerned about the prospect of a connecting road being built through Glyme Lane which would decimate the allotment plots, the Millenial Wood, Glyme Farm and the bee hives. Myself and eight other artists set out to use our various art forms – landscape painting, pottery, artists’ books, figure drawing, stained glass, poetry, photography and audio media – to pause a moment in time, showing the importance of these natural assets to the people and wildlife who use and benefit from them.

My work for the Glyme Lane Project

My pieces for this exhibition focused mostly on the allotments, since my family are allotment owners; my areas of interest being soil health and compost, small creatures who help gardeners, human impact on the environment and the produce harvested from the plots.

‘Hidden Heroes of the Garden’, mixed media artists’ book

This concertina artists’ book was inspired by those unsung heroes of the gardens who may be overlooked and unappreciated – bees who pollinate the plants, earthworms who work underground aerating and improving soil quality, spiders who can predict the weather and ladybirds who control the aphid population. After researching details of each little creature’s contribution to the gardeners world, I included this information in the book using little tags, concealing them in pockets, as the heroes themselves are – concealed from our view. This book means to raise awareness of the importance of these little beings so we respect and understand them rather than kill them due to fear.

The Glyme Lane Project

Allotment Produce – mixed media on wood panels

These square wood panels painted with walnut and coffee inks, display the beautiful, organic and lovingly-grown produce from the allotments using mixed media and printmaking techniques.

The Glyme Lane Project

Compost Cubes

These mixed media paper cubes illustrate the various stages of decay in a compost heap. It is an area of gardening that is often taken for granted, and perhaps seen as unsavoury by outsiders, but it is so clearly, and quite literally, the foundation of what gardeners do. By making these compost cubes I aim to highlight the importance of soil health and the fact that it is a significant piece to solving the climate crisis puzzle.
The Glyme Lane Project -cudes

‘Embedded’ – artists’ book

This concertina book consists of allotment finds, both natural and manmade – weathered seed packets, twine, rusted metal objects, natural leaves and onion skins. These objects have been imprinted into the paper creating collagraphs and combined with natural inks on handmade papers. It’s message is environmental, raising caution about what we do to the soil because it has an impact; whether it is a piece of paper which can decay in a short time, or a chemical sprayed which will remain in the soil for an unknown amount of time.

The Glyme Lane Project Embedded Artist Book
Carol Harvey Encaustic Wax