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Scrolls & Wallhangings

Carol harvey art Carol harvey art

On the Verge

This little mixed media scroll is inspired by the wild plants along the edges of gardens, fields and on the verges of roads that act as wildlife corridors for insects and animals, some of which are ‘on the verge’ of extinction. These strips of weeds, wildflowers, whatever you chose to call them, are so important for wildlife to feed on, nest in or use as a green highway to move from one natural area to another safely. As David Attenborough has recently highlighted, over 95% of wildflower meadows in UK have been decimated since the 1930’s. This little scroll is sending a message, urging people to pause and think before cutting, spraying or tidying their gardens too much and embrace these strips of wild planting as the new beautiful.

A Walk in the Woods A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

‘A Walk in the Woods’ describes the overwhelming sense of wonder I have when I walk in a forest with all of the textures of various types of bark, plants, trees, and leaves on the forest floor, and it features two of my favourite trees; oak and birch’.

'Forest Floor' scroll 'Forest Floor' scroll

Forest Floor

‘When I walk in the forest I feel a child’s excitment from the spongy sensation of the forest floor. I am in wonder about the many layers of textured greens and browns created by leaves, pine needles and twigs that have fallen over hundreds of years, worked on by insects and worms, to create this deep, rich mattress of forest humus.’

Carol harvey Weathered Wood Sage