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  • I am passionate about creating antique artwork pieces. Each one tells a unique story and holds a special place in my heart.
  • Farm Art Exhibition by Carol Harvey
  • Farm Art Exhibition by Carol Harvey
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Artist’s Books

My artists’ books are nature-themed, using various mediums and techniques to fill the signatures inspired by the colours, textures, shapes and feeling of a particular habitat or natural area. The binding is sometimes embellished with material from the habitat, for example, my hedgerow book has a twig with buds on it woven into the binding. By making a book about a small aspect of nature my goal is to raise awareness and highlight it’s importance.

Plant Diversity at FarmEd

This artists’ book focuses on the varied plant species of FarmEd. Using the actual plants, which have been carefully gathered and pressed, I then paint directly on the plants using my natural watercolour paints, let them dry, then run them through my printing press onto damp Somerset etching paper. This creates a coloured imprint of the plant shape on one side of the page and an embossed version on the other side, intended to make the viewer curious so they continue turning the pages.

Farm Art Exhibition by Carol Harvey

‘Of Hedgerows, Fields and Forests’



Farm Art Exhibition by Carol Harvey

‘Plant Diversity at FarmEd’


This artists’ book, ‘Hedgerows’ is  created with plant collagraphs and handpainted collage papers on Somerset etching paper bound with kettle stitch and a hedgerow twig. It is the texture and tangle I love about hedgerows which make them perfect hiding places for creatures and they serve as natural corridors so animals and insects can safely move from one natural area to another. This artists’ book highlights the importance of these natural strips of indigenous planting.

Artists scroll

On the Verge

This little mixed media scroll is inspired by the wild plants along the edges of gardens, fields and on the verges of roads that act as wildlife corridors for insects and animals, some of which are ‘on the verge’ of extinction. These strips of weeds, wildflowers, whatever you chose to call them, are so important for wildlife to feed on, nest in or use as a green highway to move from one natural area to another safely. As David Attenborough has recently highlighted, over 95% of wildflower meadows in UK have been decimated since the 1930’s. This little scroll is sending a message, urging people to pause and think before cutting, spraying or tidying their gardens too much and embrace these strips of wild planting as the new beautiful.


Searching for the Hollow Oak

This artist’s book has special meaning for me because it is about one of my favourite places on the farm I grew up on in Ontario, Canada. My brother, sister and I used to walk to this forest regularly, often searching for the big oak tree that had a hollow opening large enough to sit in and create an echo when you sang or shouted into it. It is one of my happy places filled with fond memories of a wholesome childhood surrounded by nature. It was also a place I would go to alone to sit on a log and draw or make tiny clay vases and bowls by the bank of the wandering stream near the big oak. ‘Searching for the Hollow Oak’ is made from heavyweight cartridge paper ripped to produce a deckled edge typical of trees. The trees were drawn with my walnut, coffee and oak gall inks.

Carol Harvey Artists Books